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Father's Day Edition

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

5) Fun and Unique Father’s Day Ideas

  • Mason Jar Madness: Buy a half a dozen or a dozen mason jars, and plan each one’s contents with a theme in mind. If the dad in your life loves golf, have the kids fill one of the mason jars with fun golf balls. If he loves Chocolate, fill one with his favorite chocolates. The possibilities are endless: little messages of gratitude, homemade coupons….click the link above for more details.

  • Lottery Ticket Tree Of Luck

  • The Ultimate New Dad Survival Kit: There are places that sell this, but it’s really fun and easy to make your own for a new dad. Have fun with it by putting in things like cocktail mixers, funny handbooks, cigars, and anything else he might need. Plus, you can get an awesome daddy diaper bag to put it all in.

4) Give That Man A Drink - Creative Father’s Day Cocktail Recipes

3) The Marriage and Martinis’ Father’s Day Gift Guide:

At Marriage and Martinis, there’s nothing more we love than a super useful, stylish, fun product to make life more awesome. That’s always the goal of every gift and product guide we share. We hope you love these as much as we do:

2) Father’s Day Ear Candy:

Want to listen to some famous dads spill it all? Download some of our favorite podcast episodes, audio books, and interviews.

Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run

Armchair Expert: Prince Harry

1) Marriage and Martinis' Father's Day Templates

I’m the worst when it comes to buying cards. Like, the worst. I always say I’ll go to the card store and then, inevitably, I have to tell people that I was acting like myself again and forgot to follow through. In case you’re anything like me, or just want to do something a little extra, I created a few Father’s Day templates so you can just fill them out (you can do it in your instagram story and then save it to your camera roll and text it, or you can just fill it out in your photos by editing it). Send them to the dads in your life, have your kids send them, and enjoy not having to visit the card store at the last minute if you don’t want to!

Make sure you check out the Date Night Question Experience ebook.

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