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The Marriage and Martinis' Date Night Questions eBook brings the fun, sexiness, and deep connection of date night to the next level.

What are couples saying about the

Marriage and Martinis' Date Night Questions?

"We answered and discussed the questions last night... then had amazing sex."

"The most fun conversation we've had in so long." 

"The most intimate, reconnecting thing we've ever done."


Topics and questions carefully crafted to spark the most intimate, productive, and satisfying discussion. Plus, bonding challenges to tie it all together and take it to the next level.


Thousands of couples are hooked on the Marriage and Martinis date night questions, and the feedback has been incredible.


Discuss aspects of life and your relationship in a way that's fresh, fun, and new. Expect laughter, flirtation, and the chance to embrace all the reasons you first fell for one another.

better sex

Feeling more connected outside the bedroom leads to more trust and open-mindedness inside the bedroom. Foreplay is way more than physical touch. 

Date Night Questions

12 Relatable Topics

12 Ice Breaker Intros

Over 70 Questions
    (Best of and brand new)

12 Small Date Night Challenges

Mobile Access To Questions


Bundled Bonus
Date Night Questions

Girls Night Questions

Double Date Night Questions

For the first time, we’re bringing back the awesome additions to the Date Night Questions….our exclusive “Girl’s Night Out” and our much requested “Double Date Night” Questions. Play games, get a little wild, relive your funniest stories, and turn that conversation extra spicy. Whether you’re going on vacation, heading to your favorite restaurant, or heading to a holiday party, you definitely want to be the person who brings these questions.



Remember the beginning of your relationship when you and your partner actually took the time to truly get to know one another? How fresh and new it felt to uncover each other's dreams, quirks, and history? How laughter flowed freely and each time you were together seemed somehow new and exciting?


At some point, life got too hectic. Most couples stop asking the questions because there's no time and they figure they know everything about one another by now. But we are all ever-changing humans with new ideas, dreams and goals. The Marriage and Martinis' DNQ peel back all of these layers and so much more, no matter the stage of your relationship.

"Communication is lubrication."

-Emile Morse

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Date Night Questions ~ FAQ

I’ve seen other Date Night Question products. What’s different about the Marriage and Martinis ebook?

Most other conversation-starter books and cards for couples are just a collection of random questions with no context around them. The Marriage and Martinis’ Date Night Experience ebook is carefully crafted into 12 diverse topics, each of which has relatable anecdotes and background stories that come directly from the hit Marriage and Martinis podcast and real life situations, as well as complimentary bonding challenges meant to really tie everything together. It’s truly a fully engaged “experience” rather than a quick-paced lighting-style Q & A.

I love the concept, but I’m worried my partner will never agree to try it.

We hear this ALL THE TIME. Then, inevitably, we get tons of messages from these same people who are in shock at how much their partner enjoyed doing the questions. If your significant other likes to laugh, enjoys being praised and complimented, or likes to share stories about stuff in which they’re passionate, then we are quite certain there’s AT LEAST one topic that will get them hooked.

Why is it an ebook instead of an actual hard copy?

Ever find yourself in an instance that just “feels right” between you and your partner? You’re on the same wavelength and you could really make the most of that situation? We never know when this moment is going to present itself to have an important and intimate conversation. If you need a physical book every time you want to explore a new discussion or are in the mood to play a game together, then if you don’t have that item at that exact moment, that chance for the full potential of reconnection and bonding is lost. The ebook helps guide you through these conversations wherever you are, whenever it happens, even unexpectedly, since you can access them on your mobile device at any time, anywhere.

Can I give it as a gift?

Sure. You can purchase the ebook with your own email address. Then, email marriageandmartinis@gmail.com with your order number and the word “Gift” in the subject line. Put the email address to which you want the ebook sent as well as the message you would like us to include to the person, and we will send an email with all the info and direct access to the ebook to the recipient on your behalf. People have given the ebook as a bonus gift for a bridal shower, to a couple headed on their honeymoon, people stuck in quarantine, a couple headed on an anniversary trip, and many other occasions. It really is such a thoughtful present.

What types of topics are in the ebook?

The topics are selected directly from some of our most popular and downloaded podcast episodes, and the ones that received the most feedback from couples claiming, “ US TOO!!” Each topic gently introduces the questions by first revealing vulnerable anecdotes relating to Danielle and Adam’s own experience. No matter the situation, Danielle and Adam have most likely been through something at least a little similar. The topics range from lighter (Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and more), to intimate (Libido and Kinks and Fetishes for beginners), to thoughtful (Gratitude and Appreciation) to and lots of helpful content and subjects in between.

I really want to try the ebook, but I’m afraid the questions will start a fight between my partner and me.

Trust us, we get it. Over the course of recording over 170 podcast episodes, we’ve definitely had some explosive fights, which led us to bring in experts so we could start to have these conversations more constructively. We of course still fight sometimes, but mostly, the discussions are productive, because the questions are constructive, gentle, and forgiving while still being open enough to embrace deep connection. We want you to have all of these same amazing bonding experiences, even though you probably don’t have a podcast. The ebook also offers strategies to make the most of these talks. Think of it as more than an ebook; it’s a toolkit to build the discussions you want and need to have.

Can these questions be answered on a double date or in a group?

Many of the topics absolutely can, and other topics can be rephrased or restructured easily to be used in so many different settings. Plus, you can use many of the questions as journal prompts or just as food for thought on your own. There are so many different scenarios in which these questions can be so useful. Answer some of them on a girls’ night out, at a dinner party, or to roast someone whose birthday it is. There are all kinds of possibilities that can come from this versatile collection of questions that you can access 24/7 straight from your phone, tablet, ipad or computer.

Are there other versions of the Date Night Questions Experience ebook?

Keep your eye out. We are working on follow up editions, including Parenting and DNQ After Dark. In the meantime, we hope you’ll take your time going through the first ebook and really savor each topic and experience.