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The Friday Five - 07/12/19

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

5) One Year Later….One Million Reasons to be Grateful!

What can we say about the first year of Marriage and Martinis? Never could we have expected to feel so connected, accepted and embraced by people who should be strangers but somehow feel like friends and trusted confidants. The love and support you have all given us provides us the courage to keep going….in the podcast, in parenting, in our marriage and in life. Please know that you always have a place here and we accept and embrace you right back! If you haven’t listened to our year anniversary episode, you can download it here. And if you haven’t yet rated and reviewed the podcast on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts, we appreciate each and every review so much!


4) How much do we love Danielle’s older sister, life coach Amy Alpert? We even forgive her for the time she made Danielle drink an entire 2 liter bottle of soda because she caught her drinking directly from the bottle (she claims it never happened but it totally did). Anyway, we are getting so much amazing feedback on her latest episode about happiness, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed recording it. A few tips for achieving more daily happiness:

  • Pause a few times each day, whether it’s during something pleasurable or even just a simple, mundane activity. Look around, pause and take it in. 

  • Sit around the dinner table and have everyone discuss one positive thing they’re grateful for from that day, or just in general. It should be something different every night. Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time we discuss gratitude as a family.

  • Make more time for whatever it is that gives you “flow” and makes you lose all sense of time. 

For more about Happiness, listen to the episode here, and check out some of the books we discuss.


3) Yes, we sometimes picture each other dead. 

We hope you laughed out loud during our recent Pet Peeves Part 2 episode. Isn’t it amazing how incredibly annoying even the littlest habits can be after living with someone for a long period of time? In an instagram story, our listeners and followers said the top most annoying habits their partners had were:

  1. Snoring

  2. Constantly distracted by their phone

  3. Leaving cabinets open and putting empty containers back

  4. Leaving socks around the house

  5. Chewing sounds


2) Would you check your spouse’s phone without them knowing?

I was so (pleasantly) surprised by what Lasting’s research expert Liz Colizza said in our latest episode about trust and sex. Regaining trust and learning to trust someone again are extremely difficult issues that take a huge amount of sacrifice and work. For anyone who has dealt with any type of betrayal in their life, this is an episode you definitely want to listen to, and even get your partner to listen as well. She also answers whether or not it’s ok to track your spouse via GPS, and whether or not it really is possible to get past infidelity without therapy. We love talking to Liz and could not be more grateful to have her guidance and the help and support of the Lasting app and all the tools it offers every couple.


1) Date Night Questions - The Safe And Wild Episode

  1. In what ways do you think your spouse makes you feel safe? In what ways do you think you make your spouse feel safe?

  2. Do you think you still have a need to indulge your “wild side?” Do you think we do that enough, or could we do it more?

  3. How has your sense of “adventure” and “wild” changed as you’ve gotten older and gone through everything? What has it taught you? What would you like “adventure” to look like as you get older?

  4. What do you think you can do to make me feel safer (physically and emotionally) from now on? And vice versa.


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