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If you’ve experienced the frustration of repeatedly having a particular conversation with your partner, only for the outcome to have little or no results, then you have definitely landed at the right place.

Having personally experienced how disappointing it feels for our partner to appear to be making positive changes, only to quickly revert back to the way things were, we've single-handedly tried over a dozen recommended "methods" to break this cycle in our relationship. Nothing worked. This pattern had negatively impacted Adam and my connection  on all levels. The frustration and overwhelm we both felt was keeping us from having the bond and positive partnership we desperately wanted. 


I'd been talking to a friend about how distressed she'd been that for the past few years she hadn't been taking enough care of her "wellbeing." But recently, she was feeling in a positive  state of "flow"  concerning her self care. Impressed, I asked how she'd made such big changes in such a short period of time. Expecting some long diatribe about the process, I thought I'd wind up being sorry I asked. "Flossing," she said, as simply as could be. I was so confused. Flossing? Flossing made her change her whole self care routine? "Nope. Choosing and starting with one tiny step that felt manageable, wound up changing my entire outlook." Now I was interested! I thought about Adam and my conversations. How we'd constantly thrown these general, non-specific expectations and accusations at one another. He didn't help enough around the house. I was spending too much money. Never had we truly broken it all down in a way that made progress seem achievable. Never had we made a detailed, realistic plan to actually solve the issues. Holy crap....we need to choose one specific aspect that feels manageable for each of us, and go from there. 


 Of course, there's way more to it. What my friend was actually practicing, was a system that experts on "forming good habits" have studied and recommended for years! Be specific. Be consistent. Be held accountable. I spent the next couple of months doing extensive research, knowing I needed to apply these practical, positive components to intimate relationships. Finally, I completed the first draft of the "Small Change, Big Impact Challenge." In November of last year, Adam and I were the guinea pigs. Fifty other couples participated as well. throughout the thirty days, I knew we were on to something BIG. But I still wanted to perfect it. We gathered data from our personal experience, as well as positive and constructive feedback from other participants. Then, we spent the next six months improving every aspect. We've made the good stuff even better, redesigned some areas that were lacking, and added more strategies, activities, and resources that naturally developed. 


Finally, we are so excited to share this "Small Change, Big Impact Challenge" (2.0 edition)  toolkit; a microcosm of an overall method that's helped to shape many of the most successful humans. We've curated our version to specifically focus on transforming romantic partnerships. Most importantly, we've maneuvered the process so it doesn't feeling overwhelming, monotonous, or like "work." From the beginning, partners embark on a guided-journey that facilitates and nurtures real, lasting change. Growth cannot happen without a solid plan, reciprocal effort, support and reinforcements. "The Small Change, Big Impact Challenge,"  leads partners through each step, motivates participants to keep up the momentum, and withstands the inevitable chaos of life.



“Goals are good for setting a direction,

but systems are best for making progress.” 

- James Clear, Author of the bestseller "Atomic Habits"

Take a moment to think (or better yet, write) about a change you’ve successfully made for yourself. Except in very rare, fluke situations when people are able to go “cold turkey,” certain elements need to align. In fact, only 3 - 5% of change attempted without a solid, specific plan last more than six months. So, what does need to happen in order for these transformations to last?​

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“The SCBI Challenge” comprehensively satisfies each of these details. The greatest aspect of the challenge is that we’ve combined strategies, fun, romance, flirtation, intimacy, and about a thousand different love languages (f*ck five - we want a thousand ways to express love) into one streamlined process; crafted for real-life couples to complete without having to hit the pause button on other facets of life. This is something we KNOW you can succeed at, because, like us, you want to have the best relationship you can. However, you're limited on time and energy, and you're skeptical because in the past nothing has worked. This time, it CAN be different. Make a pact to show up for thirty days: for yourselves, for each other, and for the future you really want to experience, together. Go take the first step. We're beside you every step of the way, and right behind you, catching you if you fall.


Our Features



Guidance & Support

  • An extensive guide and step-by-step itinerary laying out in detail what each week will entail.

  • A comprehensive list of suggested challenge topics, and a list of topics we do not recommend.

  • Tips on how to plan so that you set yourselves up for success!

  • Prompts for brainstorming, planning, and carrying out each of your roles

  • Anecdotes and ideas shared from Danielle and Adam’s personal experience completing their challenge

  • Weekly videos by Danielle and Adam

  • Constructively composed questions to consider and reflect upon every step of the way

  • Calendars, schedules, reminders, and outlines to stay on track (or to more easily get back on track if you falter a bit).

Connection & Intimacy

  • Several opportunities (organically built into the content) for compliments, mutual support, and positive reinforcement.

  • Ideas to make each weekly check-in a time to bond, have fun, and communicate in a healthier way.

  • Questions to think about and answer together.

  • Themed coupons/love notes specifically crafted for partners to personalize for their significant other.


  • Resources to help plan and carry out a final, much-deserved celebration

Strategies & Resources

  • Opportunity to share podcast episodes, articles, accounts, etc. you would love your partner to learn from

  • Insights and research about how to form habits that last

  • List of podcast episodes, accounts, products, books, and articles recommended to enhance and strengthen your overall bonding experience

  • Tips on how to stay motivated and keep up the momentum 

  • Responsive and communicative team behind the creation of this challenge whom you can access and email with questions

Still have unanswered questions? Make sure you’ve listened to the Marriage and Martinis’ podcast episode “The Challenge,” and be sure to tune in to Marriage and Martinis’ instagram posts and stories for ongoing updates and descriptions. Also, feel free to reach out to, our “challenge” liaison and showrunner, who will gladly answer any questions in as timely and comprehensively as possible.

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