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Getting Ready For Valentine's Day

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

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5) Pre-Valentine’s Day Challenge

Who is up for a little “getting out of our comfort zone” with our partner? From Sunday to Saturday this coming week let’s each choose ONE of the following things to do each day for our partner (or someone special in our life), while expecting nothing in return. I'll bet we’ll all see a tiny shift in our relationships.

  1. Send a gratitude text each day saying something about the person you’re grateful for (get creative and try to make it something that you’ve never told them before).

  2. Once-a-day-surprise: choose something small the person loves (chocolate, special cup of tea or coffee, inspirational message, a different tiny but meaningful gift each day) and leave it somewhere each day for them to get. Could be in their car, on their desk, in their backpack, or on their pillow.

  3. Send a song each day that reminds you of them. Ask them to listen on the way to work and start their day with a smile.

  4. Do one chore or good deed for them every day. What is one thing that would make their day a little easier? Packing their lunch? Bringing coffee in bed? Warming up their car? Picking up their dry cleaning?

4) All You Serial People-Pleasers Please Stand Up….

This coming Thursday we have a special bonus episode with Natalie Lue of the “Baggage Reclaim” podcast. Her goal is to get all of us to start saying "no" to the things we really don’t want to do so we can start making more room in our life for the things we haven’t had time for that we really DO want! As a serial people-pleaser myself, I had a ton of questions to ask her about why so many of us do this, and what the steps are to start saying “no” with confidence and without the guilt. She’s helping us truly figure out what we want and what we just don’t have room for in our universe anymore. I cannot wait for you to hear this episode about one of the most important forms of self-love and self-compassion: the power of saying "no!"

3) That Time I Sent My Mother-In-Law Really Ugly Flowers

Around three years ago, I was trying to be a good daughter-in-law and send my MIL her favorite flowers for Valentine’s Day. I was mortified when I went to her house later that day and the flowers looked like they were hanging on for dear life. I have not sent anyone flowers since, and now suffer from “flower-trust-issues.” However, this year I found Ode A La Rose, which is the most transparent floral design company ever (yes they sponsor us, but I am a serious fan now and they have restored my faith in flower deliveries). Not only did they send me a picture of my ACTUAL bouquet just as it was being shipped out so I could actually see it was as fresh and vibrant as it was on the website, but it was delivered in their adorable, signature box right to the front porch. Check out Ode A La Rose for the most exceptional customer service and gorgeous flowers. Same day delivery to NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia, next day NATIONWIDE delivery. I cannot wait to redeem myself and impress my mother-in-law this year with her bouquet (spoiler alert: I sent her the farm fresh lavender roses USE PROMO CODE “MNM” for 10% off your Valentine’s Day order and feel confident your Valentine will be blown away!

2) Memes of the week


(Corresponding to this coming Thursday’s episode about “self-love”) *To ask your partner and vice versa. They also are great for a zoom girls’ night or double date. These are meant to spark meaningful conversation and communication, so please try to listen, inhale, exhale, and discuss. *THIS IS A SHAME-FREE ZONE*

  • Natalie Lue says some of the best self-healing we can do is to write, “unsent letters” to someone from our past to whom we would like to talk, or to our younger self and then burn it as a sense of cleansing. If you were going to write an “unsent letter,” to whom would you write it and what would you want to say?

  • What is something in your life (other than the obvious of paying bills and crucial responsibilities) you wish you could not have to deal with; a commitment or responsibility that is not quite a necessity but is somehow weighing you down? Part 2: Are you doing it out of guilt and is it actually possible to drop it for delegate it to someone else?

  • What is one thing you wish you had more time to do, but you’re just always too busy? Part 2: Is there anything I could do to help so you could have more time to do that thing? How can we make it happen?

  • When do you feel the most calm and at peace? Is there a time of day? A place? Activity?

  • Is there any place, service or product that makes you feel “pampered” or a bit more luxurious? Or is there something or somewhere that seems like it would be a more “pampering” form of self-care that you would like to try?

For more prompts and questions for open and honest communication, plus bonding challenges and strategies for discussion, get our Date Night Questions Experience ebook.

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