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Different, Not Less

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

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Thank you for all the beautiful messages about this past Monday’s episode with Chloe Hayden and Mia. The journey these girls have been on to understand more about their identities and to spread awareness and understanding about Autism is really so remarkable. I truly think that everyone should listen to this episode, and share it with people who are trying to better understand Autism and all its ever-evolving research and new perspectives. I loved the way Mia and Chloe are both so proud of who they are, and think it’s inspiring how confident they are and want everyone else with this diagnosis to feel as well. Here are a few accounts to follow that Mia and I absolutely love:

Tik Tok Chloe Hayden

Tik Tok: Paige Layle

Instagram: Neurodivergent Rebel

Life In An Autism World


4. Imperfect But Slowly Doing Our Part….

Our bonus episode Thursday about Small Ways We Can Be More Eco-Friendly offered so many awesome tips and products to make our households a little greener. Every single change we make changes the course of our footprint on this Earth, and we are living in a world today in which so many eco-friendly products are incredibly effective, stylish, and are simple to incorporate into daily life. Here are some of my favorite eco-friendly items:

3. Infertility Awareness Week

Adam and I sat down an infertility expert from the incredible Ovia Health Apps and asked her all our questions (and yours) about infertility. This episode will be released on Monday, and is so chock full of insightful information about this oftentimes misunderstood topic. For those going through it, this is an amazingly supportive conversation that provides so much love and understanding. For those who may not have experienced this issue but would love to become more mindful of how to help someone who is in the midst of this struggle, here are a few things to remember:

  • 1 in every 8 couples experience a struggle with infertility

  • The shame and stigma surrounding infertility is still so great today that 50% of couples going through it choose to lie rather than admit they are having issues conceiving.

  • Unsolicited advice and suggestions are usually not as helpful as a person thinks. Instead, try listening and offering ways you are there to support them, like cooking a meal or caring for any of their other children while they go for treatments.

  • Infertility is a full time job on top of people’s full time jobs. It can be physically and mentally all-consuming, so remember this when a co-worker or employee is going through infertility and show some extra compassion and sensitivity.

  • Avoid phrases when discussing infertility that start with, “at least.” ("At least you already have a child," or, "at least there's always other methods."

  • While male infertility is barely even spoken about, infertility actually affects men and women equally.

Why are thousands of couples using the famous Marriage and Martinis' Date Night Questions to bring their connection, flirtation, understanding and communication to the next level? Because, after almost 200 episodes planning and producing a top 20 relationship podcast, we know which questions produce the best results between partners, and how to frame them in a way that is gentle, fun, productive, and effective. What you’ll get when you pre-order our Date Night Questions:

  • 25% off the regular price

  • Two bonus topics including questions for your next girls’ night and a double date night.

  • 60 bonus just-for-fun game night questions sure to result in laughter and hilarity

  • The famous, updated “Yes, No, Maybe Checklist” to help take your sex life to the next level.

  • 12 Small bonding challenges to do right there on date night and spark your inner kid and teenage self

  • Tips and strategies for how to keep these conversations calm and understanding and keep from veering off track

  • Ice-breakers that discuss how each of these topics relates to Adam and me, so you can feel more comfortable revealing your own experiences with each subject

1. Questions to ask yourself, your partner, and/or your kids about how to help keep planet Earth healthy and safe (from this past Thursday’s Earth Day episode):

  1. What do you currently do to help planet Earth? Are there ways you help? Products or practices that you already utilize that make you proud of how you’re helping?

  2. What is one practice or product you would like to research more and possibly start implementing into your routine? What steps need to be taken to do this?

  3. Would you be willing to do any of the following in order to help keep the Earth a little cleaner?

    1. Replace regular light bulbs in your home with compact fluorescent bulbs

    2. You can save about 10% of your energy use by adjusting your thermostat 1% cooler in winter and 1% higher in summer. Would you be willing to do this?

    3. Choose one day (or even one meal) a week where your family does not eat meat

    4. Give composting a try (you can find out more information in our episode or here

    5. Vow to only use reusable bags from now on instead being one of the people who contributes to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags every year

    6. Find out when your town or city does community clean up days and volunteer.

    7. Start purchasing a portion of your household’s clothing from a secondhand clothing company such as

    8. When visiting your local ice cream and coffee shops, make it clear that you would love to see them switch out plastic spoons and straws for a more sustainable type or utensil.

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