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Discover why Marriage and Martinis' digital downloads are like no other! Famous for their humor, raw style and vulnerability, podcasting duo Danielle and Adam create resources that are both impactful and fun. Join tens of thousands of individuals and couples worldwide who trust this couple's insights on intimacy, parenting, mental health, and LIFE! Danielle and Adam don't just "talk the talk" - they "walk the walk." Which is why they are so successful in guiding others to do the same. It's content that's been tested, deeply reflected upon, and carefully curated in the real world, by a real couple who has the same real struggles, concerns, goals, and triumphs as anyone else.


Date Night Combo.png

An incredible offer, with so much valuable content, only the way Marriage and Martinis knows how to do it! Dozens of different ways to connect in this jam-packed combination! Engage in some "flirty" competition, communicate more effectively, and discover new ways to express what you love most about one another.

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