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Discover why Marriage and Martinis' digital downloads are like no other! Famous for their humor, raw style and vulnerability, podcasting duo Danielle and Adam create resources that are both impactful and fun. Join tens of thousands of individuals and couples worldwide who trust this couple's insights on intimacy, parenting, mental health, and LIFE! Danielle and Adam don't just "talk the talk" - they "walk the walk." Which is why they are so successful in guiding others to do the same. It's content that's been tested, deeply reflected upon, and carefully curated in the real world, by a real couple who has the same real struggles, concerns, goals, and triumphs as anyone else.



Bundle includes Date Night Questions Ebook+ Valentine's Couples' Activities


Bundle includes Parent & Kids Valentines Day Activity Guide + Couples' Activites


Bundle includes Parent & Kids Valentines Day Activity Guide + Couples' Activities AND

the Date Night Questions Ebook

Game Day Squares & Bingo


Add a layer of excitement to game day with our Bingo Squares, and/or forward them to someone who might be watching the game alone.

Bingo Cards:

Don't love football but love the camaraderie and a reason to eat junk? Love football and want to make the game even more fun and interesting? Have family far away and want a fun way to interact?


Download our creative, one-of-a-kind bingo cards and become a lowkey detective, scanning the room for family and friends who "check the boxes" for all the typical (and maybe not-so-typical) reactions and gestures that go along with The Big Game. While everyone else is seeing who wins the "pool," have your own friendly-but-competitive Bingo competition, raising the stakes by making it a "winner takes all" situation.

game day.png

Valentine's Day
Couples' Download

We've done the work so you can have all the fun and laughs. This Valentine's Day, no more talking about family-related stress, work stuff, or (gag) finances. No sitting across from one another staring at your phones. Our Valentine's Day Couples' Digital Download Packet is a stress-free, laughter-inducing, simple-yet-impactful bonding opportunity. Plus, there are enough unique, interactive activities to connect for more than just one date night. 

What's Included:

  • Find out who reigns supreme as the comedic master with, "Try Not To Laugh," Dirty Jokes and Terrible Pick-up Line Edition. 

  • Have a reason to find small ways to show one another love and affection with "Intimacy Bingo."

  • Give and receive small acts of service with our "Love Coupons."

  • Battle it out proving who knows more interesting facts about the other person with our "Couple's Quiz."

  • Finally, receive the kind of sex ed you always wish you'd had by competing in our Sex Trivia, and have even more fun finding out the answers together.


Parent and Kids Valentine's Day Digital Download

You don't need to be a Pinterest parent to make Valentine's day extra special. Download our creative, fun packet, get silly, and even learn a few things you didn't know, together! Keep the print outs on the kitchen table to do together during meals, while cuddled up in bed, or even send a copy to Grandma and Grandpa to do with them over facetime! There are so many possibilities for a different kind of bonding and fun!

What's Included?

  • Choose from our thoughtful selection of Love Coupons to put in their lunchboxes or leave around for them to find, and/or fill out the blank ones with whatever freebies you choose!

  • Work together as you test your knowledge about all things "love" and "Valentine's Day" related, with our creative trivia.

  • Build the excitement to spend some time together in small, different ways while completing our "Bingo Board."

  • Find out some fun, random facts about one another that you may not know with our parent/child(ren) quiz.

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