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Finished the Date Night Questions and looking for new ways to connect on a some dates, long car rides, a vacation, or just during downtime together alone? You're in luck! Our Connectivities For Couples will help you bond on all different levels, leading to laughter, some light-hearted competition (which of you actually knows more about sex?), gratitude, and tons of naturally flirtatious interactions. These aren't your average, generic digital downloads; they have the unique style, humor, and depth that no one does quite like Marriage and Martinis.


Ideal For:

  • Couples at any stage of their relationship seeking to connect through in ways they haven't before.
  • Couples who have finished the Date Night Questions and want other ways to bond and enhance their time together.
  • Couples on a double date ("Sex Trivia," "Try Not To Laugh," "How Well Do You Know Me," and "Mad About You" Mad Libs are all great to do with multiple couples - just print out copies for everyone!)



- Hilarious "Try Not To Laugh" Jokes and Pick-Up Lines

- Sexy Coupons and Love Coupons to leave around when your partner least expects it.

- "Mad For You" Mad Libs

- How Well Do You Know Me?

- Intimacy Bingo

- Danielle and Adam's famous "Sex Trivia" with answer key.

Couple's Connectivities

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