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You're In! Check your email for the FREE Marriage and Martinis Relationship "Check-In" Guide!

In the meantime, want to check-in more deeply on all kinds of topics and take your conversations to the next level?


Check out The Date Night Questions book or ebook! Use code “CHECKIN” for 15% off the print book and “E-CHECKIN” for 15% off the ebook.

"We answered and discussed the questions last night... then had amazing sex."

"The most intimate, reconnecting thing we've ever done."


"The most fun conversation we've had in so long." 

After recording over 200 episodes of their top relationship podcast, husband and wife duo Adam and Danielle have learned a thing or two about communicating in a way that leads to productive, gentle, and fun conversation rather than resentment and hostility.


Couples don’t have to have a podcast to engage in meaningful, life-changing conversations. The Date Night Questions Experience includes twelve relatable topics and incorporates dozens of the most significant questions that Adam and Danielle have asked one another during their most popular episodes, along with numerous opportunities for each partner to share and to listen.


Find out why top therapists and thousands of couples from all over the world have chosen this as their prime resource to help reignite intimacy, strengthen communication, spark laughter, and plan for a brighter future together.

12 Small Date Night Challenges
12 Relatable Topics
12 Ice Breaker Intros
Over 70 Questions
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