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One New House, Two Tired AF People

Episode Highlight: Danielle and Adam discuss finally being in their new home, why this was the most draining of all the moves and how they're embracing their new small-town lifestyle. Danielle talks more about her guilt concerning moving the cats to a new home, and Adam is excited to talk all about his new lawnmower and weed-wacker.

Home Items

Since sharing our move, we've received so many questions about products we purchased for our new home. After downsizing, storage has been of utmost importance. We wanted products that are effective but also could blend into the decor of our home. With limited space in the bedrooms, we also tried to utilize the walls, too, instead of adding more clutter to the floor areas.

My eleven year old son has way too many stuffed animals that he refuses to get rid of. I absolutely love these oversized, easy to access storage containers. They look great in his room, and make clean-up simple after play.

Again, my biggest challenge with this move has been figuring out storage. These stackable containers have been an amazing way to store sheets and towels, and the fact that I can close them hides the fact that I literally just stuff my fitted sheets in there since I have no clue how to actually fold them.

Downsizing to a home with significantly smaller bedrooms means less floor space. These linen door hanging laundry hampers have been perfect. They come in great colors, keep laundry off the floor, and don't take up any additional space. They're also so easy to take down when it's time to do laundry.

Can someone please tell me why mattresses are so freaking expensive? We needed a few new ones, but I was just not ready to spend a thousand dollars on them. Still, I wanted one that was also "green," without all the chemicals that so many mattress companies have been found to use. After a lot of research, I decided to try out Zinus, which is an award-winning, yet affordable mattress brand. The memory foam is definitely different from what my kids were used to, but they absolutely love their new mattresses, and I kinda want one myself now.

Another thing I hate spending money on is towels, yet I love a soft, comfortable towel. I bought all of our new towels from the brand Tens and I absolutely would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on towels but still wants that cozy, soft feel straight out of the shower.

The Pets Rule the Home

So many of you have asked me to share the products I bought for the cats. Anyone who follows us on Instagram knows that I have been overtaken by guilt for the fact that my indoor/outdoor cats can no longer go outdoors. Therefore, I've been indulging them with fun, new toys and furniture to make up for it. Here are some of my (and their) favorites.

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