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A Marriage and Martinis Year in Review

Marriage and Martinis Top Episodes of 2023


Danielle talks to a top ADHD expert about navigating her teenage son and daughter through their journey with ADHD.

Who should listen?

Anyone looking for insight into navigating ADHD for their kid(s).


Danielle and Sarah talk about body acceptance, raising body positive kids, and how they're each working towards embracing their current size and shape.

Who should listen?

Anyone interested in leading a life that challenges societal beauty standards for themselves and the next generation.


Danielle and Adam talk about moving AGAIN, and how this time seems different from the others, and how each is dealing with the overwhelming stress involved.

Who should listen?

Anyone who has gone through an impactful life change recently and needs to feel like they're not alone.


Danielle and Adam sit down with an estate planning expert to discuss why each of us, regardless of our financial situation, needs to get our "estates" in order, and what the main steps to start the process are.

Who should listen?

Everyone!! Literally, everyone.



Danielle and Adam's raw conversation about intimacy might be one of the most personal, real podcast episodes any couple has ever released.

Who should listen?

Anyone looking to hear another couple navigating one of the most vulnerable topics of any relationship. Also, anyone who is interested in finally telling their partner what they need and desire more of in their relationship.



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