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Upcoming Sessions

Register for as many as you like!
Replays featuring ONLY the hosts will be available if you can't attend live for 30 days

Upcoming Sessions

Choose the topics that interest you - come to as many as you like! 
Replays will be available (to registrants, only) if you can't attend live.

Sex Toy Show & Tell

sex toy a la carte.png

Hosted by Leah Carey
Tuesday March 5th
8PM-9:30PM ET

There are so many sex toys on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out what might be right for you - especially if you can’t return the ones you don’t like!


In this class, we’ll go over the various types of toys that are designed specifically for vulvas:

  • Penetration toys

  • Vibrating toys

  • Clit sucking toys

  • Combo toys


From penetration to vibration to sucking, Leah will provide guidance on selecting toys based on your body's preferences. Bonus: if you don’t know what your body’s preferences are, she’ll offer tips to figure it out! We’ll have lots of time for Q&A, so don’t hold back!


This will be great for you if:

  • you're overwhelmed by the number and types of toys available

  • you aren't even sure what's available or how they work!

  • you don’t want to waste your money on toys that you hate as soon as you get them out of the package

This class is scheduled for one hour, with Leah available to answer questions for an additional half-hour afterward.


Ask a Couple: Intimacy Edition 


Danielle and Adam are often asked why they reveal so much about their personal journey and intimate life. “We have the conversations because we want others to feel permission to do the same. We ‘break the ice’ and hope it makes these talks feel less intimidating, because they’re too important not to have.” Now, they’re giving their audience the opportunity to ask all the questions, without limitations. For the past five years, Adam and Danielle have spoken with dozens of top experts, therapists, and other couples in an attempt to break the stigma about open communication about intimacy. Recently, when Danielle revealed that, “at 46, I’m having the best sex of my life, with the same partner I’ve had for twenty years,” she received tons of messages from wives asking, “HOW DID IT HAPPEN?” During this workshop, Adam and Danielle will guide the conversation with couples (and/or individuals) about what it’s taken to overcome the hurdles of parenting, disconnection, stress, body image, and more. GET YOUR QUESTIONS READY! NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS AND NOTHING IS TOO PERSONAL!


**Feel free to submit questions before the session, and they will be shared anonymously.


Topics that will be covered (and to think about when formulating questions):

  • How one initial, hard conversation completely changed the course of their intimate life. 

  • The deep impact of the role of domestic responsibilities and the mental load on the intimate connection between partners.

  • How they both shifted their mindsets about what’s “sexy,” and became fully comfortable being naked, despite their changing bodies.

  • The questions that need to be asked in order to achieve a truly fulfilling sex life, and how to ask them.

  • The TRUTH about “the pleasure discrepancy” and why it’s crucial to listen to our partner without defensiveness.

  • Steps to take when “spicing it up” in the bedroom, and how to work towards making communication an inherent part of sex and intimacy.


Who is this workshop for?

  • Any couple who is interested in a fun “date night” while listening to a couple who has been through it all. Bring wine, cocktails, or whatever you’d like! Consider this an “educational, entertaining date night!

  • Individuals who are interested in trying to improve communication with their partner, and are still in the initial stages of gaining the confidence and courage to open up the conversation.

  • Parents who are struggling to find time together and reconnect.

  • Couples looking to “break the ice” concerning communication about intimacy, in a more comfortable, less direct forum.

  • Anyone who would like to learn more about “building a bridge between the myths we’ve been falsely told throughout our lives, and the realities we need to embrace” if we’re going to elevate our pleasure and the pleasure of our partner(s).

Hosted by Adam and Danielle Silverstein
Thursday March 7th
8PM-9:30PM ET


What's Wrong with my Libido?


You used to be ready for sex any time, but now you'd prefer a pedicure. Or maybe to curl up with a good book and no children screaming out for you. Meanwhile, your partner still wants the kind of sex you used to have and it's causing friction. 


Is there something incurably wrong with you? NO. 

But there is something wrong with how we talk about libido and the expectations we have that there is a “right way” to have a libido.


In this class we’ll talk about:

  • why trying to “fix” your libido is often addressing the wrong problem

  • the difference between sensual touch and sexual touch, and why it’s so important

  • a simple exercise to help you fill your actual needs, rather than forcing yourself to have sex you don’t want


This will be great for you if:

  • your libido has plummeted (since kids, since the pandemic, since aging, etc)

  • you’ve ever heard yourself say, “I’m exhausted and if my partner asks for sex tonight I’ll scream!”

  • you want to help smash the patriarchal myth that if your libido isn’t raging, you’re failing.

This class is scheduled for one hour, with Leah available to answer questions for an additional half-hour afterward.

Hosted by Leah Carey
Tuesday March 12th


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