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Upcoming Sessions

Register for as many as you like!
Replays featuring ONLY the hosts will be available if you can't attend live for 30 days

Upcoming Sessions

Choose the topics that interest you - come to as many as you like! 
Replays will be available (to registrants, only) if you can't attend live.

Ask a Couple: Intimacy Edition 


Grab your partner, a friend, or come join us on your own! This is going to be a session of fun and laughter, while also getting to learn some valuable shit. Play some "sex trivia," hear a few impactful (and hilarious) anecdotes and secrets revealing how Danielle and Adam revamped their communication and ideas about shared intimacy, and ask them literally any question - nothing is off the table! Want to make it a date night? The perfect part is that you don't even need to book a sitter! Just grab your wine, cocktail, or mocktail, and join them for this unique, unforgettable virtual event. Plus, you could win some awesome prizes during the giveaways. Still a little uncomfortable communicating about sex? Do not worry....Danielle and Adam's specialty is breaking the ice so that everyone feels completely "at home" in a safe, shame-free, supportive environment!


Have a question but don't want to ask it during? Send it, beforehand, to, and they'll answer it discreetly during the session!


Hosted by Adam and Danielle Silverstein
Thursday March 28th
8PM-9:30PM ET


What's Wrong with my Libido?


You used to be ready for sex any time, but now you'd prefer a pedicure. Or maybe to curl up with a good book and no children screaming out for you. Meanwhile, your partner still wants the kind of sex you used to have and it's causing friction. 


Is there something incurably wrong with you? NO. 

But there is something wrong with how we talk about libido and the expectations we have that there is a “right way” to have a libido.


In this class we’ll talk about:

  • why trying to “fix” your libido is often addressing the wrong problem

  • the difference between sensual touch and sexual touch, and why it’s so important

  • a simple exercise to help you fill your actual needs, rather than forcing yourself to have sex you don’t want


This will be great for you if:

  • your libido has plummeted (since kids, since the pandemic, since aging, etc)

  • you’ve ever heard yourself say, “I’m exhausted and if my partner asks for sex tonight I’ll scream!”

  • you want to help smash the patriarchal myth that if your libido isn’t raging, you’re failing.

This class is scheduled for one hour, with Leah available to answer questions for an additional half-hour afterward.

Hosted by Leah Carey
Tuesday March 12th


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