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The Challenge

From the podcasters who brought you the bestselling Date Night Questions ... Get Ready to complete the Marriage and Martinis 30 Day Couples Challenge!


The inaugural Marriage and Martinis’ “Couples’ Challenge” Starts Monday, November 6th, 2023. This 30-day membership can only be purchased through November 5th. Don’t miss out!


Our Features



An in-depth guide that helps each partner design a “right fit” challenge for one another. This “blueprint” specifically walks each partner through the steps to shape one another’s challenge in a manner that's motivating, realistic, and gentle. It is also a “jumping off” tool for so much more to come.


Step by step instructions for the exciting challenge “reveals,” and instructions for how to collaboratively finalize the details, so each partner feels comfortable and ready to begin.


Weekly emails include pro-tips to keep the experience productive, fun and fresh. These newsletters also offer prompts to reflect on progress, secrets on how to keep communication open and gentle, strategies to stay motivated and keep up momentum, and ideas for showing gratitude throughout. 


Private podcast episodes and videos featuring hosts, Danielle and Adam, sharing anecdotes about their own “challenge” experiences, tips, ideas, and strategies, “do’s” and “don'ts,” and so much more!


Special chapter of Marriage and Martinis’ famous, wildly-popular Date Night Questions, not available anywhere else, and specifically designed and tailored for this experience. No matter where and when you decide to celebrate the completion of the (first) thirty days of your challenge, the Date Night Questions will help curate the perfect environment to applaud your success, highlight the progress made, commiserate over the struggles you both faced, laugh about your “challenge bloopers” and inevitable missteps, and discuss how to keep moving forward, evolving, and improving individually and as a solid team.

  • Why not just do “The Challenge” on our own without Marriage and Martinis’ tools and resources?
    Adam and Danielle have been actively working on their own “challenges” during the past month. They know what has worked, what hasn’t, and how to make this the most successful bonding opportunity possible. The guides, emails, and support they offer take the guesswork out of the process, allowing partners to simply follow the directions and concentrate your effort on the task at hand. Having a neutral party cheering on both partners and helping to keep up the momentum, rather than having to constantly remind one another, ensures the energy and vibe stays positive. The goal is to make this experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, and Danielle and Adam will be keeping you both motivated and invested throughout the entire process. The carefully curated guides include plenty of sample challenges, examples of challenges that are not recommended, tips and strategies for keeping the experience as fun and stress-free as possible.
  • How can I convince my partner to do the challenge with me?
    The whole concept behind the challenge is so that everyone “wins.” While your partner is ensuring they’re working towards fulfilling your needs, they know that you are doing the same for them. Every person has at least something they think their partner could be doing more of or improving upon. This is an opportunity for each person to feel more seen, valued, and understood. Most bonding opportunities for couples (therapy, vacations, getaways, retreats, workshops) cost a lot of money and possess rigid time constraints. While the challenge is not meant to take the place of any of these other relationship tools, it does offer a flexible alternative for anyone who is looking for a simpler, very affordable, more immediate, totally unique, fresh way to bond. Partners can choose how and when best works for them to satisfy their role. Plus, the effects and results should last far longer than the allotted thirty days. All your partner has to do is just give it a try. Once they start to feel the positive results and feelings that occur from stepping up for one another, as well as the natural ongoing shift in interactions between you that occurs, that will provide enough motivation to keep going!
  • What if I'm not comfortable with the challenge my partner has chosen for me, or vice versa?
    The included guidelines, recommendations, and questions help partners understand how to put together a productive yet realistic challenge. Couples also have the opportunity during the first meeting (and during check-ins) to ask and answer questions, while working together to tweak and fine tune each challenge so that it best satisfies everyone’s needs. Even though these challenges are separate, the actual secret ingredients are team work, open communication, and open-mindedness. At the conclusion of the first meeting, each partner should feel that they’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate authentic effort and “step up” in a meaningful way, rather than having been set up to “fail” or “lose.”
  • What if I’m not seeing my partner step up during the thirty days in the way I want them to?
    First off, let’s not even go into the challenge with this mindset. Each person should start.
  • Is “The Challenge” over after thirty days?
    While thirty days is the dedicated time frame for the Marriage and Martinis’ challenge, it is also meant to be the “jumpstart” period for something far bigger that will occur on a grander scale. This month-long guided period will help truly get you both more comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone, recognizing what your partner needs more of, and vice versa. It might take the whole thirty days to just sink into this new role and take consistent action in a new, impactful way. Because you will organically become more attuned to ways you can both be more present, helpful, and understanding, the wonderful feelings this inspires will have a ripple effect. Towards the end of the challenge, you will receive guidance, questions, and motivation to help keep up the momentum far beyond the thirty day period.

Still have unanswered questions? Make sure you’ve listened to the Marriage and Martinis’ podcast episode “The Challenge,” and be sure to tune in to Marriage and Martinis’ instagram posts and stories for ongoing updates and descriptions. Also, feel free to reach out to, our “challenge” liaison and showrunner, who will gladly answer any questions in as timely and comprehensively as possible.

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