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  • Beyond Permission

    General Registration
    • 3 Day General Registration Access
    • TWO Guidebooks filled with Prompts, Questions & Anecdotes
    • LIVE Q&A Sessions with Danielle & Leah
    • Downloadable Content
    • 30 Day Access to the Recorded Event
    • Guided Interactive Conversation in a Supportive Atmosphere
  • Best Value

    Beyond Permission

    • Everything in General Registration
    • A FREE a La Carte Session
    • VIP Swag Box
    • Smaller Intimate Slumber Party-Esque Session

Connection (Self, Group, and Beyond):

  • Exceptionally deep and impactful pre and post-workshop guide books, filled with insightful questions, open-ended prompts and powerful anecdotes to gently lead each attendee along their personal journey.

  • A forum that strongly fosters safe, honest sharing among attendees: confessions, fantasies, concerns, disappointments, dreams, etc. We will go wherever the discussion takes us, and no one can stop us!

  • Q&A sessions intended to address specific issues from attendees, whether done openly or anonymously (privacy is always respected).

  • Education and information to more closely examine our perceived roles in society, how we can reframe our internal dialogue surrounding “rules” and “expectations,” and challenge societal myths and misguidings.


Strategies, tools and takeaways:

  • How to effectively express needs and desires in the bedroom using games and other alternative tactics when verbal communication feels “off the table.”

  • Approaching “the mental load,” “body image” and other burdens that complicate intimacy. Simple life changes and routine implementations to overcome oppressive hurdles, and create more opportunities for meaningful connection and pleasure.

  • Create a personal “roadmap” to reflect on your sexual odyssey: what past experiences have taught, processing and honoring present longings, and creating a path filled with more satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Lists of incredible resources and recommendations from Leah, Danielle, and fellow badass attendees. Find out favorites and “hidden gems” including: toys, intimate experiences, books, podcasts, social media accounts, playlists, inclusive brands and shopping, and so much more!


The bad girl crew is out past curfew!

Go deeper and further penetrate the day’s workshops as we giggle, chat, and “reveal all” in a smaller, more intimate slumber party-esque setting. Have a fantasy you’ve been dying to share but don’t have anyone to tell? Now’s your chance! Want to ask Danielle a direct question IRL? Go for it! Want to get advice from a group of other open-minded, badass babes? There’s no better chance.


Because space is so limited, each bad girl in the crew will have plenty of time to share, if they desire (no one is ever “called on” or forced to speak - you do you, girl).





We’re sending you a box of fun, useful goodies to enhance the after dark experience, embrace your inner wild child, teenie bopper, and sinfully good soul. Rock accessories on the outside, and nurture your mind, body and soul with items specifically designed for our girl gang. Plus, a bonus of supplemental questions that will help fill the night with adventurous conversations and delicious moments you’ll remember and savor. We cannot wait to unravel the mysteries that await in our small but mighty circle of truth and empowerment.

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A La Carte Sessions

Register for as many as you like!
Replays featuring ONLY the hosts will be available if you can't attend live.


Danielle is known in her personal life, and in the podcasting realm, for her wildly “inappropriate” content, humor and “chutzpah” when conveying her take on marriage and parenting. At the age of 40, she launched her podcast with her husband. Her natural vulnerability and raw style have prompted millions of downloads, hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and thousands of messages from women thanking her for opening up conversations they never felt permission to have. The incredible opportunities she’s had to interact with and learn from many of the world’s leading experts and changemakers, shifted her entire perspective on women's intrinsic needs and desires, and female pleasure. She knew she needed to deeply invest herself in the movement to normalize an ongoing dialogue not only across her public platforms, but in her own, long term romantic partnership. Following years of intensive research, discussions, and learning, as well as first-handedly implementing these teachings into her own marriage, Danielle is committed to use her voice, experiences, and her genuine relatability to help other women navigate these issues.


Leah’s magical ability to curate an environment that makes even the most inhibited individual feel confident enough to embrace their true sensual self, is incomparable. Her life-changing coaching techniques, immense toolkit of fresh, non-traditional, modern methods of communication, and immeasurable passion and commitment to ensuring that every person who seeks “more,” gets it - romantically, physically, sensually - with her help and guidance, make her the perfect fit to guide participants during Beyond Permission. As a woman who spent years struggling with shame, her unexpected but impeccably-timed adventures of sexual self-discovery at the age of forty-three, changed her entire trajectory. Her honesty concerning the details and impacts of these wildly unconventional experiences make her a phenomenal storyteller. Her understanding about the hardships of freeing oneself from deeply ingrained narratives about gender roles and behavior, makes it impossible not to feel an exceptional amount of comfort and ease in her presence.

  • What does “Beyond Permission” mean, exactly?
    So many of us have spent so much of our lives feeling like we couldn’t behave, speak, dress or even think a certain way. We were so busy trying to be “the good girl,” or follow “the rules,” so we wouldn’t face shame, stigma or be put back in line. But that all changes right now! As soon as you enter our workshop, you’re walking into a dimension in which you have total PERMISSION to explore all facets: needs, desires, relationships, notions about midlife, sex while aging, gender roles and norms, secret fantasies - all of it and more! No matter what aspects of midlife, sex, relationships, communication, dating, monogamy, alternative lifestyles, etc., interest you most, you’ll have a safe space, supportive girl gang, in-depth guidebooks created specifically for this workshop, uniquely-effective activities, more knowledge, and tons of chances to share, learn, and grow. Walk away from the workshop feeling confident and ready to make changes - whether it’s having hard conversations, asking for what you want, experimenting with something new, or just feeling more in love with and in touch with your sensual and sexual self.
  • Do I have to be in a certain age range to attend?
    We've created this workshop for the woman who has experienced life and wants to make new choices going forward. There's no age limit on that!
  • Will there be any men at the workshop?
    This is a space to explore female sexuality. We welcome people across the gender spectrum who have a lived experience of female sexuality - cisgender women, gender queer people who were AFAB, and transgender women. Danielle’s husband will be at one a la carte (ask a couple), but otherwise, this is a weekend centered around the feminine experience, sisterhood, and embracing womanhood.
  • Do I have to be a mom to attend?
    Nope! We have one a la carte session specifically for moms, and the topic will most certainly come up at times throughout the weekend, but for the most part, all sessions, guidebooks, and activities are intended for absolutely everyone.
  • I'm currently single. Is this the right place for me?
    Absolutely! Every relationship status is welcomed, embraced, and will be covered in some capacity, and in different scenarios. It will be a very well-rounded, informative experience with a lot of applicable tips, strategies, and resources, no matter the attendee’s current situation. Even if the current status is, “it’s complicated,” you belong here!
  • What if I can't be there the entire weekend?
    No problem! Every session will be recorded and you'll have access to the replays for seven days so you can watch at your leisure. Only registered attendees will have access to the recordings.
  • I really want to participate, but privacy is important to me. Is there a way to ensure that my anonymity is protected?
    We understand privacy is key, so everything will be discreet. This is a weekend for solidarity and bonding where we want you to feel completely safe. What happens here stays here! The charge on your credit card will be from Beyond Permission VIP boxes, merch purchases, and free giveaways will be shipped in unmarked packaging In our video conferencing software, you are able to choose any screen name, so you can be as anonymous as you’d like. To promote connections within the community, we encourage you to maintain the same name throughout the weekend. Video replays will ONLY be available to registered participants. Video replays will only feature Leah, Danielle, and anyone who might volunteer for some on-the-spot coaching. Participate in whatever capacity you feel comfortable! We will never “call on someone” at random or force anyone to take part in any activity or conversation that feels out of their zone of comfort. This workshop is all about YOU and your needs.
  • Do I have to have my webcam on during the sessions?
    Keep your camera on the whole time, off the whole time, or some combination of both. Make the experience what works best for you! We are committed to creating a space that nurtures feeling safe, supported, and secure just for being exactly who you are. So, our hope is that each person will feel compelled and comfortable enough to turn on their camera at least some of the time, but it is not required. We only ask that each person come with an open mind and go with the natural flow of the weekend, making choices about participation and sharing along the way.
  • Will these sessions be lecture-style? Interactive? A mix?
    The sessions included for regular registrants (Goddesses of Permission), will be a blend of all different styles, but they absolutely will not feel like lectures! There will be: an element of fun, provocativeness, and personal storytelling, educational talks to gain knowledge and background informative discussions to share and reflect upon different ideas, Q&A sessions with Leah and Danielle, and interactive activities to help apply new concepts, strategies, and implementation tools. There will also be short breaks, bonding opportunities, time for giveaways and other surprises. VIP sessions (Girl Talk After Dark) are structured differently. These will be more informal, conversational style “parties,” to be used as a time to touch more deeply on the day’s sessions, and chat about whatever is on everyone’s minds after a day of growth and exploration. We have greatly limited the amount of VIP tickets available, as a means to ensure that everyone will get plenty of time to share, contribute, ask questions, or answer other people’s questions. Just as in the regular workshop, no one will be required to share, but we do hope each person will keep an open mind and not decide until the opportunity presents!
  • This workshop excites me, but I’m not totally comfortable being so open about certain issues. What will be expected concerning participation and sharing?
    This entire workshop revolves around meeting each person where they are currently at! There will be opportunities to share and take part in activities to whatever capacity works for each attendee. Of course, we’re interested in hearing from everyone, but it is absolutely not required.
  • I'm part of the LGBTQ+ / ENM community. Is this an appropriate workshop for me?
    Absolutely! Leah is part of the queer and ENM community and Danielle is a fierce ally and proud mom whose daughter is part of the LGBTQ community!. Regardless of your orientation, relationship structure, etc., you are welcome here!
  • Is this group therapy?
    No. Leah is a coach (not a therapist) and she is trauma informed, but she is not a trauma specialist. Our focus throughout the weekend will be how you experience your sexual self today, and how you would like to experience it in the future. This will involve delving into the messages you heard in the past, but we won’t be going deep into anyone’s trauma history.
  • I have a history of sexual trauma / assault. Will there be trigger warnings?
    First, we’re so sorry that you’ve been hurt. You didn’t deserve that and nobody should have to go through it. With that said, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests trigger warnings may actually degrade your ability to deal with difficult things. As a coach who prioritizes evidence-based mental health practices, rather than following popular trends, Leah has chosen to not use trigger warnings in her podcast, coaching, and teaching.

There is no shame in any type of sex, fantasy, or fetish. As long as nobody is being hurt without their consent, everything is fair game.

Black lives matter

Love is not limited by orientation or relationship style.

Gender is complicated and you are welcome here.

ALL bodies are sexy and worthy of admiration.  No exceptions. Yes, that includes yours.

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