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Summer Lovin'

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

5) The Summer We Deserve

If you’re like me, you’re already stressing that summer is going to go too fast. I remember a friend of mine who is a teacher saying to me, “after July 4th, it feels like summer is already halfway over.” I totally related to what she was saying, but it’s also a really upsetting way to approach these three months. More than ever, we need to embrace the upcoming moments of joy and ease. This means releasing that heavy feeling that it’s all just “fleeting,” and immersing ourselves more fully in each day as it comes to us. I know, it’s so much easier said than done. Here are a few commitments, affirmations, and reminders to help us make the most of these next twelve weeks. Print this out. Laminate it. Post it to your bulletin board in your kitchen or on your refrigerator. Tattoo it. I don’t care where you put it, but read it over every morning if you have to after waking up and before you face the day.

  • This is just as much my summer as it is everyone else’s around me. I am not here simply as a cruise director, camp counselor, or Uber driver. I deserve to feel the bliss and carefree nature of each day. My time and energy should be valued, and saying “no” so I can have extended periods of relaxation is not selfish, it’s self-care.

  • I will exist in my body as it is. I will take up space, and concentrate on the ways it serves me and performs miracles each and every day. While I most likely will not do this perfectly, I will work at reframing my thoughts to view myself as the badass physical being that I am. I show up and I make memories. My physical presence is so much more than the size and shape of my frame.

  • I will view the impermanence of summer as motivation to make the most of as many moments and days as I can. Whether it means writing in a journal, starting a gratitude thread with family or friends, or just basking in the sunshine with the sole intention of soaking in the beauty of the present, I will find time each day to open myself to the here and now, and welcome the abundance of it all.

4) Danielle's Summer Must-Have's

We all know that as much as Summer feels like a magical time, and as much as we spend the rest of the year daydreaming of June, July, and August and all the associated aspects, all this beauty does take work and care: heaps of swimsuits and towels to be washed, bugs, bees,UV rays, sweat and chafing….you know how it all goes. Here are some of my (and your) favorite items to get through the summer with maximum enjoyment and minimal discomfort:

  • Molly Suds Natural Oxygen Whitener - If your kids are like mine, they just leave wet bathing suits and towels wherever they damn well please: in backpacks, beach bags, on the floor….All. Day. Long. I’ve been using Molly Suds for a few years now. Just put a scoop full in the wash and it gets out even the strongest mildew smell. I’m obsessed. One big bag should last you most of the summer.

  • Ok, so this Funboy Giant Inflatable Pink Retro Convertible Pool Float is admittedly a little ridiculous (and expensive) at first glance. But we got it last summer and it was such a hit because of how many people can fit, and also because it has a built-in place to store your ice and champagne, juice boxes for the kids, or whatever else you need to keep cold. And it looks really cute floating around in the pool, and is awesome for a fun photo session.

  • No joke, my kids play Spikeball all the time. We bring it to the beach, keep it in our yard, and they even played it all year long when friends came over. I love that there’s no big set up and clean up.

  • Supergoop is by far my favorite sunscreen. I’m really picky with sprays even though I so much more prefer them for my kids.

  • There’s still nothing like the LL Bean Boat and Tote Open top. In my opinion, it's just the best beach bag there is (and a lot of you agreed on Instagram).

  • Our daughter, Mia, Just got her first job. Our son, Ean, is going to travel camp all summer and will be at amusement parks, the beach, and arcades. One of the best things we've done is to get our kids each their own, personalized GoHenry Kid's Debit Card. Yes, they sponsor us. But truly, it has been life-changing for our kids and for us to not have to handle cash, to get notifications on our phones detailing when and where they’re spending money, and add to their account with a simple click in case of an emergency. It will definitely help simplify your summer and keep the kids learning about finances without even realizing it. You can get one month FREE with promo code MARTINIS.

  • Beach Juice Rose Last summer my friend had a few girls over and served these adorable cans of Rose. Not only did they taste really good, we had so much fun channeling our inner teenager and taking cute pics with the adorable cans.

3) Family Summer Bucket List: Print out this list and put it somewhere for the whole family to see, or print one out for each person. See who can cross off the most this summer, or if you can all cross everything off on one, working together.

  • Take a walk barefoot. We often don’t realize the benefits of walking barefoot for extended periods of time. It energizes us, connects us more deeply to the Earth and our surroundings, can decrease anxiety, and boost immunity. Of course, be careful choosing where you walk, and pay attention to the ground below you.

  • Visit a farmer’s market

  • Swim in a natural water source like the ocean or a lake

  • Fly a kite

  • Watch a sunrise

  • Have an ice cream taste test of at least four crazy different flavors, or travel to a few local places and do a taste test to see which ice cream shop is the best

  • Create your own flavor of ice cream by combining a few, adding ingredients and candies, and then name it and serve it for dessert.

  • Visit a place in your town you’ve never been

  • Sleep outside

  • Make a summer song playlist

  • Watch fireworks

  • Keep a jigsaw puzzle out on a designated table so everyone can work on it as they please throughout the summer

  • Have a lemonade stand or popsicle stand and donate the profit to a charity of your choice

  • Run through sprinklers

  • Create your own carnival night at home (make games, an obstacle course, bake treats, put on a show)

  • Make a fun Pinterest recipe like Shark Snack Cups or Kool Aid Slushies.

2) Memorial Day Weekend Ear Candy

Sitting in beach traffic, on the beach, or taking a morning hike this weekend? Here's some of my faves for your ear pleasure.

  • The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer (so funny but also introspective). Perfect for a girls' weekend.

  • Twenty-One Pilots New Album, Scaled and Icy the kids and I have had this album on repeat for the past week.

  • Marriage and Martinis episode #38 Things We're Embarrassed To Admit - Just a fun episode, and I reveal the worst sexual experience I've ever had (explicit content warning).

  • Dipsea - Short, erotic audio stories that are perfect if you loved Fifty Shades Of Gray and/or Outlander. Diverse characters, exciting scenarios, and totally female-centered. You can get 30 days of full access for FREE here. (sponsor)

  • We Should All Be Millionaires, by Rachel Rodgers (if you listened to our episodes the past two weeks, you know I'm obsessed with this empowering book).

  • Born Standing Up, written and read by Steve Martin - Such a quick, fun listen, Adam and I listened to this in the car a few summers back and loved it.

1) Date Night Questions: This week's questions are for a fun game of Never Have I Ever, Party Edition with your partner and/or with friends. Add your own with your friends. If you love these questions, there are plenty more, including Would You Rather, Triggered, and other fun party questions in our Date Night Questions ebook. Want to support us while also getting a really awesome product? Purchase one here!

Never Have I Ever:

- Cried, lied or flirted my way out of a speeding ticket

- Sent a nude photo

- Gone commando

- Thrown up in a public place

- Been fired

- Gone to work hungover

- Clogged the toilet while not at home

- Texted someone and regretted it in the morning

- Lied on a dating profile

- Returned something after I wore it

- Joined the mile high club

- Re-gifted something

- Been awake for more than 24 hours straight

- Cheated on an important test

- Been to a psychic

- Been kicked out of a public place

- Lied to get out of going to a social event

- Worn someone else's underwear

- Drank alcohol while in the shower

- Lied about my age

- Fantasized about making out with a friend

- Been in handcuffs

- Talked to a celebrity

- Used a cheesy pick-up line

- Had sex in a public place

- Been stuck in an elevator

- Made out in an elevator

- Eaten fast food in my car so my family wouldn't know

- Had a crush on a teacher or a friend's parent

- Regretted a piercing or tattoo

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