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The Friday Five - 4/26/19

We’re changing things up a bit for the Marriage and Martinis' e-mails! Get more info in less time with our Friday Five. We’re going to send you a quick list of everything from fun date-night conversation starters for you and your partner, to the questions from one of our recent episodes that you can share on a night out with friends or just to think about between you and your significant other. We’ll also share stuff that we’re loving right now: drink recipes, shows, products, services, and other podcasts. I’m super excited about this new format and hope you’re going to make these e-mails a fun part of your Friday routine! Enjoy!!

5) Start a conversation...

In our episode with Lasting app marriage researcher Liz Colizza, we discuss how we innately give and receive tons of “emotional calls” to and from our partner throughout the day. Emotional calls are any interaction we have with our significant other, from a simple touch on the shoulder, to rolling our eyes, to sending a text or sext.

Conversation starter question:

“Which emotional calls do you most appreciate and would you like me to practice more often?”

Adam and I asked each other this question, and these were our responses:

Adam’s answer: “When you put the phone down when I’m talking to you. Otherwise I feel like what I'm saying isn't really important to you.”

Danielle’s answer: “Responding to hearing about how my day was without the use of sarcasm. Also, when you hug me in front of the kids.”

4) Binge-watch this together….

Adam and I are currently watching Shrill and we both love it (yes, even Adam does!). In an upcoming episode, I'll explain why I felt it was so important for us to watch this show together. If you’re looking for a show to binge together, this one is super easy (only 6 episodes) and will spark some great conversation. Plus, it’s hilarious and Aidy Bryant is brilliant in it. Find it on Hulu.

3) They don’t sponsor us, but we love it….

Whenever we get together with my entire family, there are kids that range in age from 7-18. We’re always looking for an awesome game to play together despite the big age differences, and Telestrations has been a HUGE hit for us. Think of the game “operator” but with drawings. It’s simple, hilarious, and as long as you can draw on a kindergartener’s level (literally my level of drawing ability), you can play. They also have a “party pack” edition for more people, which makes it great for us with a family of 15. If you have plans for a vacation this summer or a staycation and need something fun to do together, this is a great option.

2) We also love free stuff….

In the Finance episode, our friend and money expert, Joel, shared so many awesome tools and resources to help finally get our financial situations under control. I asked him whether or not a SAHM should have a will, and he said absolutely. He mentioned that there’s a site called “Free Will” in which you can create a will really easily, and yes, FOR FREE and it only takes 20 minutes! Also, if you haven't listened to this episode with your spouse, definitely spend your next car ride checking it out together. I promise it will spark some really important discussion, since we really tried to calmly and rationally break down money issues (although it was not easy, I think we did pretty well, if I do say so myself).

1) You asked, we listened….

So many of you have been asking for the questions I create for our episodes and I love that you want to start your own dialogue! What an awesome idea! Bring them on a date night, break them out while hanging out with a group of friends, or over a late-night cocktail. Think of it as a mini Marriage and Martinis' Game Night. This week’s questions are from The Jealousy Episode (which I really think is a fun episode and to which I highly recommend listening if you haven't already). Side note: these questions are not intended to lead to arguing or fighting. Try to keep the conversation as positive and productive as possible (if Adam and I can do it, you can, too).

  1. Is there ever a time you’re jealous of me (and vice versa)?

  2. Are you ever jealous of single people (or people in relationships, depending on your status)? When, specifically?

  3. In general, do you consider yourself to be a jealous person? Explain why or why not.

  4. Was there ever a time in your life when you can remember being really jealous of someone else? Who and why?

  5. Finish this statement: “I am jealous of other spouses whose partners __________.”

  6. Finish this statement: “I think other spouses would be jealous that my partner __________.”

  7. If you could live anyone else’s life for one week, whom would it be and why?

To hear all of Adam and Danielle’s answers, download The Jealousy Episode if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


When you support our sponsors, you support us!

(And you get some really cool sh*t).

It’s no secret that Adam loves to pretend he’s a famous mixologist. Shaker and Spoon has made it easy for him to impress our friends (and me) by making delicious, unique and original cocktails so simple to make with their boxes of syrups, bitters, garnishes, and other fun craft cocktail ingredients all centered around one type of alcohol each month (you provide your favorite bottle of spirits, they do the rest). I purchased this for my kids’ teachers last year (they deserve all of the 12 drinks each box makes after a year with my children) and it was a total hit! Check it out here and get $20 off your first order.

Crescent (Promo Code: MM50)

I know sometimes the idea of date night sounds so good in theory, but planning it can be too time-consuming and we forget to do it. The fact that Date Crescent offers a service that literally does all the research and planning for a date night for you and your spouse is pretty incredible. Visit the website and fill our their short, fun questionnaire all about your date preferences, and dates you have available (this gives you plenty of time to book a sitter), and they take care of the rest! Signing up, I realized this is the closest I’ll ever get to a personal executive assistant, so hey, I’ll take it! Check it out at and enter promo code MM50 for 50% off.

Indochino Promo Code: MNM

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of being between two men’s sizes, then Indochino is the perfect company for you. Indochino has become the world’s leading made-to-measure apparel company. We’re kind of obsessed with their fun colors and patterns, and their “Fit Promise” assures you that if your shirt or suit isn’t the perfect fit, they’ll make it right. And right now, Indochino is giving Marriage and Martinis listeners 50% off and Free Shipping!


Cinco De Mayo is coming up fast, enjoy our spicy margarita!

Simple Spicy Margarita

* 3 oz. Premium Blanco Tequila

* 1/2 oz. Cointreau

* 1/2 Lime Squeeze

* Jalapeno Pepper

Lightly muddle a slice of jalapeño and lime into a shaker. Add other ingredients with ice and shake until cold. Strain into a glass and add garnish. If you like a salted rim, add it!

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