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How To Have A Holiday Season that Doesn't Suck

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

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5)This week while you’re rushing around and might need a reminder of how to keep it all in perspective, or are feeling overwhelmed, definitely put on our popular, How To Have A Holiday Season That Doesn’t Suck,” episode. There are a lot of great tips and strategies to stay sane amidst the holiday madness. It’s also a good one to have your spouse listen to, since we discuss how to deal with family around whom we might not feel so comfortable.

4) In this coming Monday’s episode, Adam and I look back on 2019 and discuss the mistakes we’ve made, some ways we’ve progressed, and our hopes and goals for 2020. My friend Brea who has a blog called, The Thinking Branch, recently wrote an article about how her word for looking back at 2019 is “shift.” That resonated with me so much. I felt a major shift this year….in my marriage, my parenting, and my ambitions. What word would you use looking back on 2019 when you think about where life led you? As the saying goes, “begin with the end in mind.” Beginning with the end in mind, what word are you hoping to to be able to use to look back on 2020?

3) In the Holidays Episode (I really recommend listening to this was a useful one) Adam spoke about how his favorite part of the holiday is when we all play family games at our annual Hanukkah party, since the kids all range in age from 8 - 18. The adults and the kids all join in and there's always so much teamwork and laughter. It's amazing because everyone gets a moment to shine or be silly no matter their age or place in the family. Here are some awesome games you can all play together and everyone can feel included:

2) Favorite Memes From The Week….

Brought to you by….

1) FAMILY QUESTIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! (From Monday's Episode 2019: A Year Of Growth, Change, and Learning.)

This week I wanted to do things a little differently since I know date night might be out of the question until the New Year. So here are some fun and interesting questions to sit around and answer at a family/friend gathering the next few weeks (it might be fun to have someone write down some of the answers, too, and save them). 

  • What is your favorite memory from the holidays growing up?

  • Favorite holiday movie?

  • Worst holiday movie?

  • What word would you use to sum up 2019?

  • What word are you hoping to use to sum up 2020?

  • Biggest lesson learned in 2019?

  • Greatest achievement of 2019?

  • Thing you wasted the most money on in 2019?

  • Best movie or TV show of 2019?

  • An experience on your bucket list you hope to have in 2020?

  • If I could kiss one person at New Year’s besides my significant other, it would be….

  • Funniest or most awkward/embarrassing moment of 2019?

  • Most exciting moment of 2019?

For more prompts and questions for open and honest communication, plus bonding challenges and strategies for discussion, get our Date Night Questions Experience ebook.

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