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Updated: Jul 6

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

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5) "Never Have I Ever" called the Marriage and Martinis Voicemail

Did you know we have a voicemail now? We’re so excited about it and we want YOUR messages!! This week, we’re asking you to call in and give us really fun, ridiculous, serious, sarcastic and real “Never Have I Ever” questions about ANYTHING including parenting, relationships, sex, aging, work…..literally anything!! Just beware: it may wind up on the podcast!! Call 732-344-0574 - we are so psyched to hear from you!

4) What’s The First Question You’re Asking Your Teenager?

Our episode (out today) with the founders of Grown and Flown covers so many important topics involving raising and interacting with teenagers. One of the biggest takeaways from the conversation for me was how I’m greeting my 14-year-old when she walks through the door from school. Sometimes I’m so anxious about her schoolwork that I immediately want to know how a test or a project went. However, it’s time for me to take another approach if I want her to walk in the house relaxed and feeling truly safe. Actions like this one come from such a good place but have way more negative ramifications than we realize. Mary Dell and Lisa discuss so many amazing studies in this episode.

Below is a list of a few books that are great resources for parents or teens and tweens (or just to get a head start even if your kids are younger).

3) One Million Reasons to Be Grateful!

This week the Marriage and Martinis podcast surpassed one million downloads. In the world of podcasting, that’s a big number, and we are so grateful to every one of you who have listened, pressed the subscribe button, rated, reviewed, shared episodes with your friends, and have been so supportive through everything while Adam and I expose ourselves to the world. We will keep sharing our truth so that others will feel safe enough to do so also.

2) Favorite Memes From The Week….

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