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Fifty Shades of Finance

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

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5) Renata Is My Shero!

This past week’s “Fifty Shades Of Finance” podcast episode highlights some of Adam and my most problematic issues with money over the years. During one point in the episode, I talk about how I actually rewound (more than once) a scene from Big Little Lies season 2, when Laura Dern’s character finds out that, after he has lost all their money and she has had to sacrifice everything, her husband gets to keep his vintage toy train set. When she smashes the train to pieces. I could not believe how strongly I felt this scene. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s more than worth the watch (the whole show is worth it). If you’ve seen it, it’s damn worth watching again. And definitely go listen to the finance episode to hear why I identified so strongly with this reaction.

4) The Motherhood Center

Last week I had the privilege of touring an amazing place called The Motherhood Center in NYC. As a past sufferer of severe post-partum, I immediately became overcome with emotion when I walked in the doors of this day program created especially for moms suffering from PPD. I couldn’t help but think what a life-changer this would have been for me if I had a place like this to go with my firstborn in those beginning stages of motherhood. The rooms for counseling are bright and inviting, there’s a wonderful nursery where your babies can go while new moms attend seminars, yoga, and other classes, and everyone is beyond supportive. It’s truly a dream center, and I cannot wait to have the heads of it on our podcast in a few months. If you know anyone in the New York City area who is suffering from Postpartum or having an exceptionally tough time adjusting to the intense changes of motherhood, definitely send them the link.

3) It’s Free, It’s Easy….Even I Figured It Out!

Yes, we are sponsored by the Zeta App, but only because I stalked them after I searched for a special tool that specifically helps couples get back on track with their saving and spending. It makes it so easy to track purchases, bills, and set a budget, plus it allows you to send memos back and forth and set long-term goals. Plus, there’s bank-level security so you don’t have to worry about putting in your passwords. Did we mention it’s FREE? Definitely check it out. We can’t say enough good things about this app. 

2) Favorite Memes From The Week….

Courtesy of:

1) Date Night Questions:

(From this upcoming Monday’s episode: “Isn’t It Supposed To Be More Beautiful Than This?” - A Check-In On How We’re Feeling About Things). *Give each partner a chance to answer, while the other listens. Remember that these are supposed to lead to a nice conversation, not an argument (trust me, we know that's not always easy).

  • What is one thing right now that you would like more of from me in our relationship?

  • What is one thing you think that we are kicking ass at right now in our relationship?

  • What does a “beautiful future” for us and our family look like to you? (Realistically speaking, of course).

  • What are one or two experiences you would still like us to have together that we haven’t yet had the time (or maybe money) to experience?

  • If you had to make a new set of vows for the next five or ten years, what are some things you would add that weren’t in the first set?

For more prompts and questions for open and honest communication, plus bonding challenges and strategies for discussion, get our Date Night Questions Experience ebook.

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