Let's Talk About Birth Control

Updated: Jul 6

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

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5) Where Do You Fit In?

This past week’s episode about birth control (if you've listened to it already, you're probably laughing at the picture that accompanied this email) openly discussed a topic that we don’t really talk about much in detail as adults, except maybe at the doctor’s office. I was so (happily) surprised how many people in our community were so excited to share their personal experiences with the pill, condoms, and other forms of contraception. Here are some of the polls results, with over 5,000 participants answering.

  • Do you and your partner use condoms?  Yes: 17%

  • If you’re a woman, have you ever bought condoms? Yes: 63%

  • If you or your partner has been on the pill, do you/have you dealt with side effects that interfere with your everyday life to some degree?  Yes: 67%

  • Do you and your partner ever use the “rhythm” or “pull out” method? Yes: 45%

4) We Love You, Australia!

There are so many ways we can help the devastation taking place even though we might be halfway across the world (forgive me if that’s incorrect geography….I thought Phoenix was in New Mexico until I was in my early 20s). It can be overwhelming to research all the different charities, so I thought I would offer a few that will put your donation to amazing use:

The Australian Red Cross has helped to send 1,285 staff members and volunteers to communities affected by the fires and to provide support to displaced people sheltering in more than 69 evacuation and recovery centers.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospita: its work with the National Parks and Wildlife Service searching for koalas in the Port Macquarie area has been extraordinary. As of a few days ago, at least 31 koalas had been brought to the hospital from several fire grounds to get nursed back to health and help safe.

WIRES: The most affected state, New South Wales, which includes Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is having its worst fire season in 20 years. WIRES, (or the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.,) is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

3) An Alternative Answer When Couples' Therapy Just Isn’t In The Cards

I constantly get messages from listeners saying how much they want to do couples' therapy, but they just can’t afford it or convince their partner to get on board. But so many of us want to make our relationship a priority in 2020. Adam and I have been using the Lasting App for about a year, and when they partnered with us, I was so excited to share the benefits of this AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE tool for actively nurturing our relationships. Get a FREE 7-day trial, cancel at anytime, and then it’s only $11.99 per month per couple. Check it out….it’s really an amazing option if you're not quite ready for in-house counseling.

2) Favorite Memes From The Week….

Memes by the talented: