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The Friday Five - 05/24/19

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

5) Operation Gratitude

Sometimes I forget to really acknowledge the actual reasons why we have these days off for the long weekend. It’s nice to pause and remind ourselves and our kids that Memorial Day Weekend isn’t just about our first trip of the year to the beach or a pool day. Operation Gratitude is the perfect place for us and the kids to send notes, drawings and letters to deployed soldiers, veterans, wounded heroes, and more. It only takes ten minutes and it’s an awesome way to get a child feeling really good about thanking men and women for their sacrifice and bravery.


4) Yes, they sponsor us, but we’re extra obsessed.

It’s not a joke when I say Adam has been obsessed with Duke Cannon grooming products for a few years now. I often get annoyed because I work so hard at smelling good, but inevitably, our kids, friends, and even his customers constantly compliment HIM on how amazing he smells. It’s all thanks to Duke Cannon (Promo Code: MARRIAGE for 15% off your first order). Everything from the cool names, fun packaging, and effectiveness of their products make their exceptional goods the perfect Father’s Day Gift for any hardworking dad. Check out Adam’s top three favorites!


3) Yes, we sometimes picture each other dead.

We hope you laughed out loud during our Pet Peeves Part 2 episode. Isn’t it amazing how incredibly annoying even the littlest habits can be after living with someone for a long period of time? In an instagram story, our listeners and followers said the top most annoying habits their partners had were:

  • Snoring

  • Constantly being distracted by their phone

  • Leaving cabinets open and putting empty containers back

  • Leaving socks around the house

  • Chewing sounds


2) I cannot tell you how excited we are for this coming Tuesday’s episode. We spoke with Darcy Lockman who just wrote the book All The Rage, and she was AWESOME! And guess what she happened to write about? Our new favorite topic of the mental load. She tells so many stories from talking to thousands of couples and it really is so validating to realize that this really is such a ubiquitous issue. She also gives some amazing stats that will make you stop in your tracks and reassess how we should be preparing the next generation for marriage and co-parenting. Adam responds to it all, too, as a husband and a man. So, grab your spouse and listen to this episode together and delve in to this important discussion. Or, get the book, listen to the podcast, and make these two things combined your next book club picks!


1) For this weeks cocktail, let's change it up a bit. It's Memorial Day weekend so we should enjoy a good cold beer. A while back I went to some trendy bar and ordered a Bud Light (I'm no beer aficionado). While the bartender snickered, he offered me an "upgrade" to the basic Bud. He handed me an EINSTOK ICELANDIC WHITE ALE. I haven't looked back since. It's the perfect beer to drink all year, and pairs well with any kind of food, especially when grilling! Check it out this holiday weekend!


When you support our sponsors, you support us!

(And you get some really cool sh*t).

One of the best things about summer is that we get to hang out with people we love and just chill and relax. Swig and Swallow (my favorite company name) makes it so easy to serve delicious cocktails with their Party Size mixers. Just add your favorite alcohol up to the line, stir it up, and serve! All of their products are made with FRESH juices and include margaritas, Moscow mules, daiquiris, mojitos and more! Plus, they have TSA approved travel size bottles for those business trips and a fun start to your vacation. Promo code "MNM" for 20% off your order.

Indochino - Promo code: MNM for 50% off & Free Shipping

When was the last time the man in your life bought himself a stylish, fun suit or dress shirts that really bring out his personality? What we love so much about Indochino is that their clothes are not only tailored to the man’s exact size and fit, but it’s also possible to customize the lapels, pockets, buttons, lining, and even to monogram. Indochino is putting the fun back into men’s shopping and dressing. They have such a large and diverse selection of colors, fabrics and patterns, that they're making stylish pieces available to everyone for a really affordable price. Check it out here at and enter promo code MNM.

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