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The Friday Five - 05/03/19

Welcome to the Marriage and Martinis’ Friday Five!

5) We’re Making The Invisible Visible!

Our “Mental Load” Episode with Life Coach Amy Alpert is getting such incredible feedback, and people seem so relieved that we’re finally putting a name to this overwhelming burden from which we’re all so stressed. We discussed the book Drop The Ball by Tiffany Dufu, who says we need to stop expecting so much from ourselves and start letting our spouse and those around us carry more of the responsiblity. Only then can we "devote the necessary energy to achieving our real goals, and create the type of rich, rewarding life we all desire.” How exactly do we do that? Listen to the episode and check out the book for some effective first steps.

4) We’re Giving The Gift Of Self-Care

Don’t forget about our mother’s day giveaway! Head over to Instagram and follow us, like and comment on our giveaway post by the end of the day, and make sure you're also following @mytherabox for the chance to win an amazing "Love Yourself" box shipped straight to your door. Filled with over $125 worth of goodies meant to pamper and indulge OURSELVES, it’s truly a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a little more time to feel spoiled and relaxed. Two winners will be selected on Saturday, May 4th and notified via Instagram messenger, so check your inbox!

3) Special Mother’s Day Episode Monday!

In honor of the moms everywhere who do so much, we spoke with a mom who truly inspires me. My friend Valli’s marine husband has been deployed ten times over the course of their marriage, each time for a duration of between six and nine months. She talks to us all about being the spouse of someone in the military, and raising two deaf children. I’m constantly blown away by what we moms are able to handle, even when we think maybe we’re not holding it all together so well. We are stronger than we know and more capable than we sometimes believe! Check out the episode, available this Monday wherever you get your podcasts.

2) They don’t sponsor us, but we love it!

I’m notorious for leaving my clothes in the washing machine too long. Like, all the damn time. I’ve tried the vinegar solution and tons of products to fix the “mildew smell.” Molly's Suds is literally the only product I’ve used for the past two years because it works so well. I stock up on it because it’s just fact that each week I will leave at least one load in the washer for more than a day. I still have to re-wash the load when I use Molly's Suds, but I’m always so relieved that it gets my clothes and towels back to smelling fresh and no one knows that I was too lazy that day to change the laundry over to the dryer. Plus, it definitely brightens my whites (I use it with colors, too, though).

Your Weekly Discussion Questions for Date Night:

“The Mental Load.” Definitely listen to the episode first.

  1. What are three “invisible tasks” you do for which you feel underappreciated (and vice versa)?

  2. What are you both currently doing that’s working? What tasks does your spouse do that you think they do a great job at, and vice versa? Tell each other!

  3. Is there a task you currently do in your household that you think makes more sense for your spouse to do to maybe shake up the current responsibilities a bit and ease the mental load?

  4. Is there a task you’re willing to “swap?” (think the “my Reese’s for your Snickers” trade Amy discussed during the episode).

  5. Are there any tasks you currently do that can be delegated to someone else (a grandparent, child, hiring someone, etc) that will really help make the mental load more managable? Plan this together!

  6. Would you benefit from a “weekly meeting” on a Saturday or Sunday or during one week night after the kids are asleep in which you sit for a half an hour with a shared calendar (digital or written) and delegate together for the upcoming week? Schedule it and keep it as you would any other important meeting. (Adam and I have started doing this, and it is working wonders!)


When you support our sponsors, you support us!

(And you get some really cool sh*t).

Zaca recovery chewable is perfect for on-the-go after a night of partying, a flight, an intense workout, or after being at high altitudes. The secret? It features Japanese Raisin used for over a millenium in Asia to offset the effects of alcohol. With clinically tested ingredients, a money-back guarantee, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, it’s definitely worth giving Zaca a try. Head to and put in the promo code “marriage” to get $5 off.

Crescent (Promo Code: MM50)

I know sometimes the idea of date night sounds so good in theory, but planning it can be too time-consuming and we forget to do it. The fact that Date Crescent offers a service that literally does all the research and planning for a date night for you and your spouse is pretty incredible. Visit the website and fill our their short, fun questionnaire all about your date preferences, and dates you have available (this gives you plenty of time to book a sitter), and they take care of the rest! Signing up, I realized this is the closest I’ll ever get to a personal executive assistant, so hey, I’ll take it! Check it out at and enter promo code MM50 for 50% off.


We'll leave this for one more week:

Cinco De Mayo is coming up fast, enjoy our spicy margarita!

Simple Spicy Margarita

* 3 oz. Premium Blanco Tequila

* 1/2 oz. Cointreau

* 1/2 Lime Squeeze

* Jalapeno Pepper

Lightly muddle a slice of jalapeño and lime into a shaker. Add other ingredients with ice and shake until cold. Strain into a glass and add garnish. If you like a salted rim, add it!

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