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Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

Updated: May 21, 2019

After reading the book, The Polyamorists Next Door, Danielle was so interested in the topic that she asked the author and polyamory expert, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, to come on the podcast to teach them about a lifestyle which they knew very little. Not to be confused with Polygamy, Polyamory is the act of being open to having more than one consenting relationship, and any gender can partake in having multiple partners. As the book title suggests, Polyamorists truly are living around us, but they are often too frightened to reveal their preferences because of all the stigmas attached to that identity. Dr. Sheff answers Danielle and Adam’s questions concerning how jealousy is dealt with in these relationships, how does one find poly partners, and how Dr. Sheff herself became so fascinated with the community.

Links for interviewers to Dr. Eli Sheff’s work


My Website

The Polyamorists Next Door, my first book, details the results of the first 15 years of my

study of polyamorous families  with children and how it affects kids. 

Stories from the Polycule, my second and more accessible/less academic book that is

an edited collection of real-life tales written by poly people -- a day in the life of many

different kinds of poly relationships.

When Someone You Love is Polyamorous -- my third and shortest book introducing the

idea of polyamory to non-poly people. Designed as a tool for people to use when they

are coming out to significant others of different types, the book uses information based

in research data to explain what polyamory is, why people do it, and what kinds of

impacts it has. 

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