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Pregnancy Glow My A**

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

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5. Pregnancy Glow My A**

Tonight, Adam and I will sit down to record an episode about our own experience trying to conceive our kids, dealing with pregnancy, miscarriage, how my mental illness spiked during that time, and my postpartum. If there was a team of women who were terrible at being pregnant, I would 100% have been the MVP. To this day I do not understand the “pregnancy glow,” and when women talk about how much they love being pregnant, I must say I get a bit envious. There will be some personal anecdotes in this episode that I’ve never even told Adam. For instance, how I used to lock the cabinet with the cleaning products because I was so worried about harming my baby. For those of you who aren’t quite aware of what it means to struggle with OCD (or those of you who are), you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode.

4) I’m Rooting For You!!

Last week I asked our community how many of you have a dream of doing something business or creativity related that you’ve been putting off because of fear, time, or some other obstacle, 50% of you said yes. When Adam and I first started the podcast, I looked to some influencers and podcasters I really admired to give me that extra push and courage. The best advice I got? “Don’t wait for something to be perfect before putting it out into the world. The world needs more messy, and appreciates real and genuine over perfection” (Cathy Heller). I found out just how true that statement was. Here are a few accounts and podcasts that will hopefully help inspire you the same way they’ve inspired me:

3) We’re Talking About It Because Not Enough People Are

If you didn’t listen to our episode with Jeff Abraham, the CEO of Promescent yet, you need to go and do that. We are working hard to get experts, resources, and products to help close the orgasm gap. There is such a lack of information and science about the woman’s sexual anatomy, but there’s also a lot of information that is out there by sexual scientists and sociologists who are determined to increase the percentage of women who orgasm during intimacy. Here are some things we do know know:

  • 46% of women said that they always or nearly always had an orgasm when having intercourse, with only 6% of women reporting always having an orgasm.

  • Most women experience their first orgasm during self-pleasure, not with a partner.

  • Most women require at least 13 minutes of sexual activity to climax.

  • Whether it’s talking about sexual desires, preferences, or problems, women who can talk openly with their partner report more orgasms and are less likely to say that their sex drive is low.

We’ve been putting our date night questions in our Friday Five emails since 2019, they've actually become kind of famous. The countless messages we get about how the DNQ have impacted couples’ interactions and connections has been incredible. Some of the feedback we also get is that oftentimes, the date night questions that week might not align with what you have going on in your life and relationship at that moment. So, Adam and I decided it was time to give you more choices all in one place! We’ve been working hard going through all the questions, picking the best ones, and adding new ones we should have asked, and putting them into our FIRST E-BOOK!! There are 12 awesome, diverse topics, fun game topics, small bonding challenges to do together, and more!!

1) Date Night Questions #FBF Episode (#106) "Self-Care, Wellness, and Other Confusion." *To ask your partner and vice versa. They also are great for a zoom girls’ night or double date. These are meant to spark meaningful conversation and communication, so please try to listen, inhale, exhale, and discuss. *THIS IS A SHAME-FREE ZONE*

  1. What is one thing you do that is considered, “self care?” How does this help you?

  2. What is something you do for self-care that might not be deemed “self-care” by most doctors and/or therapists?

  3. Do you think self-care has to be healthy? Why or why not?

  4. What is one practice, ritual, or product you would love to incorporate into your self-care and wellness routine that you haven’t? What’s holding you back?

  5. How could I help you achieve even more self-care?

  6. Was there ever a “wellness-related” product you tried that turned out to be a sham? What was it?

  7. Have you ever had an experience with an “MLM” company, either as a seller or buyer? How was it?

  8. Is self-pleasure an important part of your self-care routine?

  9. Would you try/buy any of the following:

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