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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

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5. “Cliteracy,” My New Favorite Word (and one of my new favorite episodes)

I am so incredibly happy that so many people were as fascinated by last week’s episode with Wednesday Martin as much as Adam and I were. It is definitely one of my top ten favorite Marriage and Martinis interviews, and I cannot wait to have her back on. She taught us so much in such a short period of time. The terms she introduced really intrigued me. Here’s a little more information about some of them. If you have not listened to the episode, “Everything We’ve Learned About Women Is Wrong,” I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of gender or relationship status.

Cliteracy - (composed of the words clitoris and literacy)

The term was coined by artist Sophia Wallace who said, “Imagine if there was a monument in the world that told girls that they had a right to feel good, and showed the truth of how their body actually is. What would life be like for future women?”

Skirt Club - A high glamour sex party for women-only, usually found in cities like NYC and LA. Most of the women are heterosexual, bi-curious or bisexual.

Sexual Debut - "Virginity" is part of a culture which believes that sex is only about intercourse and reproduction. Losing one’s virginity can be seen as shameful and tragic. Changing the language to “sexual debut” helps to take the stigma and burden out of the experience. Many sexual researchers and sex-positive advocates have seen the term “virginity” as problematic.

4. Better In Bed

All I can say is, if you are a male spouse, you want to listen to this coming Monday’s episode. If you have a male spouse, you want him to listen to this coming Monday’s episode. Jeff Abraham, the CEO of Promescent joins us. It’s really hard to get men who are willing to truly speak openly and honestly about sex to come on the podcast, so we’re grateful about how forthcoming he was. He speaks to us all about how to get a male partner to open up to incorporating product in the bedroom that will help make them last longer and help close the “orgasm gap.” Adam and I are always looking for ways to make couples closer and have more mind-blowing intimacy, so we asked Promescent to partner with us, and they’re offering our community an exclusive 15% off your first order. Really want to try the products but nervous about bringing it up to your partner? Listen to Monday’s episode. We could ALL be better in bed.

3. “Cliteracy” In Real Life

Interested in learning more about what Wednesday was introducing in this week’s episode? Here are some resources to help (and don’t forget to get her AMAZING book Untrue):

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2. Are you feeling that Equinox energy?:

The days are longer, the birds are singing and you suddenly feel like you could run a few marathons in a row (ok, maybe not, but you get the gist). Is this you? If so, you are not alone. Many people feel more energized in the spring and we should embrace it. But embrace it with care. This energy may not last forever. Lean into this energy to cross some items off your to do list. To reach out to some friends you have sidelined. Get outside, go for walks but don’t sign up for that marathon just yet. The idea that we have the same energy every day, every week and every season, is nonsense. This beautiful spring “shot in the arm” (which may be even more pronounced because of all the vaccine shots in the arm!) will eventually come down and that is ok. That is how things work. We sometimes feel energized, and sometimes we need rest. Pay attention to what your body tells you and then give yourself permission to follow its lead.

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1. Date Night Questions

(Corresponding to this past week’s episode: "Everything We’ve Learned About Women Is Untrue," by Wednesday Martin) (TRIGGER WARNING: Some of these questions refer back to childhood, so if there are potential triggers of this conversation, you may want to skip these questions.)*To ask your partner and vice versa. They also are great for a zoom girls’ night or double date. These are meant to spark meaningful conversation and communication, so please try to listen, inhale, exhale, and discuss. *THIS IS A SHAME-FREE ZONE* For more questions and conversations starters, check out our new Date Night Question Experience ebook!!

1. What do you remember about sex ed? Did you ever learn about the female anatomy from a pleasure perspective, or merely for reproductive purposes?

2. What was the first experience you remember learning about or being exposed to sex? What words would you use to describe this introduction?

3. Where/from whom did you learn the majority of your knowledge about sex? Were you raised thinking that men have higher libidos than women? What other possible misconceptions were you raised to believe? What do you wish someone had told you?

4. Would you be open to taking some time together to learn more about the modern science on female pleasure since we have all been fed so much “bad science” and erroneous information throughout our lives? (if yes, see some sources above, and definitely listen to last week’s and this coming Monday’s podcast episodes and discuss them).

5. Wednesday Martin says that homosapiens survived when other species became extinct because we are such sexually flexible beings who could adapt to our societal sexual baselines (like monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, etc.) This can cause someone to question whether “monogamous” is truly the way we are meant to be. What are your thoughts on monogamy? Do you think it’s actually rooted in science or was just a societal construct meant to keep us in line with a certain lifestyle?

These questions are just a fun taste of what's offered in our new Date Night Question Experience ebook!! Twelve diverse topics, ice-breaker anecdotes, dozens of carefully-crafted questions, and fun bonding challenges for you and your partner.

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