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Marriage and Martinis Relationship Check-In Guide

Looking for a great tool to "check-in" with your partner? 

Look no further than the Marriage and Martini's Relationship Check-In Guide!


"It seems almost mind-boggling that we take our cars for service every ten thousand miles, and see our doctors routinely to take care of our bodies, yet many of us go years without truly checking in with our partner."

in your relationship.

We are so willing to spend on houses, cars, and activities. But then we skimp on vacations alone with our significant others, romantic gestures, and quality time. If we are willing to put the money and time in, the return will be amazing. 

Our Marriage and Martini's Relationship Check-In Guide was designed by Danielle when she was looking for a guide to help her and Adam "check-in" during a very busy time of their lives.  This comprehensive and balanced guide includes sections on:


-Fun & Laughter


-Sex & Intimacy 

& so much more!

About Us

Danielle & Adam

In many ways we really are just an average married couple, but in some ways we are definitely not your typical couple, and we’ve really not tried to be.


That just might be the secret that has kept us together all this time; we know who we are, and we do what is right for us and our marriage.


It turns out that people will judge no matter what, so you really have to do what is best for you and your spouse, cause in the end, it boils down to the two of you and your connection. No one else can make that happen.


We’ve learned so much along our journey and made so many mistakes, but we’ve never given up, and have found so much happiness in spite of all the hardship.


No one said it was going to be easy, and it hasn’t been. But man do we have fun, laugh, and keep each other youthful and wild. We also give each other gray hair and heartburn now, but we’ll leave all that for the podcast.

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